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Get away for less with NHS discount holidays designed just for you. Whether you’re looking for family holiday discounts on a sun-soaked cheap package holiday, or taking some me-time to explore Europe with NHS discounts on overseas city breaks, we’ve got it all. Our NHS travel discounts on low-cost holidays allow you to book a well-deserved break in the UK or abroad, without breaking the bank. With 0 deposit holidays and kids go free holidays galore, it’s never too early to book your next affordable break. 

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Travel FAQ's

Booking a holiday during the off-peak season is usually the cheapest. For most destinations, this includes the late winter months (January and February) and the fall (September and October). Prices tend to be lower due to decreased demand. Additionally, booking well in advance or last minute can help you save, but this depends on the flexibility of your schedule and destination. Don’t forget that you can get NHS discount holidays with us all year round! 

One of the best ways to find cheap all-inclusive holidays, is to travel during the off-season. This makes it easier to find the best deals, whether you’re traveling as a family or a couple. Be sure to sign up for newsletters from travel agencies and airlines for exclusive deals and consider less popular destinations that offer similar experiences at a lower cost. You can save even more money with our NHS holiday discounts on all-inclusive packages! 

 A 0 deposit holiday, also known as a no deposit holiday, allows you to book your holiday without paying any upfront deposit. This option lets you secure your booking and lock in the price, with the full payment usually due a few weeks before the trip. This can be beneficial for budgeting, allowing more time to save for the holiday. Book NHS holidays today and pay it off over the next few months! 

'Kids go free holidays' are promotional offers where children can travel for free, usually with two paying adults. These offers can include free flights, accommodation, meals, or activities for children. These deals are ideal for families looking to save money and are often available during school holidays. These are a great type of holiday discount that make travelling as a family that bit more affordable. 

Affordable places to travel include countries with lower living costs or those less frequented by tourists. Southeast Asia, parts of Eastern Europe, Central America, and some parts of South America are known for their affordability. Researching, planning and booking ahead can also help you to cut costs and find hidden gems that offer great value for money. 

If you’re looking for affordable places to travel that are closer to home, then why not head over to France with our Eurostar NHS discount. This is a trip that all the family can enjoy and is a type of NHS discount holiday with a touch of adventure! 

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