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Wait – before you book that next trip, we can help you save. Whether you are looking for a Ferry to Ireland from the UK, a Ferry to Norway, or even a Ferry from the UK to France, before you book your next adventure, check out our NHS Ferry Discounts & Deals. Why not take a look at what current Ferry NHS Discounts we have to offer?  

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Top 5 Holiday Destinations to Visit by Ferry from the UK

If you are stuck for inspiration on where to travel on your ferry adventure, let us help. Here are several popular locations loved by travellers via Ferry:  


  • Isle of Skye, Scotland: Experience the breathtaking landscapes of the Isle of Skye, known for its rugged mountains, mystical lochs, and enchanting fairy pools. Sail from the Scottish mainland to Armadale, immersing yourself in the island's rich Gaelic culture and exploring its iconic landmarks like the Old Man of Storr and the Fairy Glen.  


  • Guernsey, Channel Islands: Escape to the charming island of Guernsey, just a short ferry ride from the UK. Discover its stunning beaches, picturesque coastal cliffs, and vibrant capital, St. Peter Port. Enjoy its fascinating history, visit the German Occupation Museum, and indulge in delicious seafood delicacies.  


  • St. Malo, France: Sail across the English Channel to the charming walled city of St. Malo in Brittany, France. Experience the blend of history and culture as you stroll through its narrow cobbled streets, admire the impressive Saint-Malo Cathedral, and enjoy delectable French cuisine in one of the many cosy bistros.  


  • Dublin, Ireland: Embark on a ferry voyage to the vibrant city of Dublin, Ireland's capital. Immerse yourself in its lively atmosphere, visit the historic Trinity College, explore the Guinness Storehouse, and enjoy the buzzing nightlife of Temple Bar. Take a moment to appreciate the city's literary heritage at the Dublin Writers Museum.  


  • Amsterdam, Netherlands: Travelling to Amsterdam from the UK via Ferry combines the excitement of a sea voyage with the enchantment of exploring a world-class city. Whether you're seeking cultural experiences, scenic beauty, or a relaxing getaway, this journey offers an exceptional way to reach the charming Dutch capital and create lasting memories. Travelling to Amsterdam from the UK is quick, affordable and a simple way to travel.  

You've earned a well-deserved break, so why not take advantage of our FREE-to-use discounts and book your next ferry holiday? Whether you're after something a little more tranquil or adventurous, our exclusive discounts ensure you can enjoy a memorable trip away without breaking the bank.  

Health Service Discounts

If you are stuck for inspiration on where to travel on your ferry adventure, let us help. Here are several popular locations loved by travellers via Ferry:  

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There are lots of locations you can travel to from the UK via Ferry, including the likes of;  

  • France  
  • Isle of Weight  
  • Ireland  
  • Spain  
  • Amsterdam  
  • Bruges  
  • Guernsey  
  • Bilbao  
  • Esbjerg  

Many departure ports are located across the UK, meaning travelling via Ferry is an affordable and popular option. Here is a list of departure ports from the UK:  

  • Dover Ferries  
  • Folkestone Crossings  
  • Harwich Ferries  
  • Heysham Ferries  
  • Hull Ferries  
  • Liverpool Ferries  
  • Liverpool Birkenhead Ferries  
  • Lymington Ferries  
  • Newcastle Ferries  
  • Newhaven Ferries  
  • Penzance Ferries  
  • Plymouth Ferries  
  • Poole Ferries  
  • Portsmouth Ferries  
  • Portsmouth Harbour Ferries  
  • Southampton Ferries  

If you plan on travelling from the UK, you'll be happy to know that there are many options to travel via Ferry. Europe is arguably the most popular destinations, as you can easily cross the Channel to Europe.  

  • A Ferry to France from the UK is a popular option is travellers, and it's one of the shortest routes.  
  • A Ferry to Amsterdam from the UK is another popular destination, as it's quick, affordable and fun.  
  • Why not hop over to Ireland with a Ferry to Ireland from the UK and explore the stunning landscapes?  
  • If you are looking for something a little further away, a Ferry to Holland from the UK or even a Ferry to Spain from the UK could be an option. This is an excellent option if you want to travel by car!  

As of 2023, there are no Ferries between the UK and Portugal. However, you could get a Ferry to Spain from the UK – as you can easily port in Northern Spain and drive to Portugal.  

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