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5 Skincare Tips for NHS Staff

Working in a busy and sometimes hectic environment can take its toll on you mentally and physically. Do you take care of your skin as you do with sleep and hydration? Long shifts can have an impact on your skin, both how it feels and how it looks. 

But by making a few simple changes to your routine, you can give your skin the tender, loving care that it needs and deserves. Here are our top 5 skincare tips for NHS staff. 

If you want smooth and fresh-looking skin, then exfoliating is essential. When you exfoliate it removes the top layer of dead skin that can build up and make your skin appear dull. Some people with sensitive skin think they can't exfoliate, but gentle exfoliators are available that are also good for their skin. 

Working for the NHS means you will regularly be washing your hands, which can cause dry skin. Therefore, we recommend you always keep some hand cream with you. This means you can give your hands much-needed rehydration while on the go. Your hands will thank you for it! 

Keep your lips moisturised during your shift to prevent dryness and chapping caused by wearing a mask all day. You should regularly apply petroleum jelly or lip balms throughout your shift and when you get home. But be sure to only apply to your lips as adding extra grease to your skin could lead to a breakout of spots. 

It is crucial that you cleanse and moisturise your face daily to prevent skin problems from occurring. Using a mild, gentle, fragrance-free cleanser when washing your face will help to keep your skin clear and problem-free.  

Dry skin is a common problem for NHS staff due to long shifts and having to wear facemasks at work. Therefore, you should apply moisturiser every morning and evening after cleaning your face. If you suffer from oily skin, moisturisers are also available for your skin type.  

From long day shifts to busy night shifts, you can soon start feeling run down, which can show under your eyes. Dark circles and bags are usually the first sign of this. So we recommend investing in a high-quality eye cream that refreshes the delicate skin around your eyes and improves the appearance of fine lines and bags.  

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