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Christmas FAQ's

  • It’s that time of the year again. From the NHS Christmas cards to the reindeer antlers, Christmas is right around the corner, and naturally, you will have questions about pay.

    Last year in the UK and Ireland, NHS Christmas Pay Day 2021 was on Wednesday the 22nd of December for most NHS workers. NHS staff are typically paid on the 1st of every month, unless it is a bank holiday or a weekend–in those cases, the date is brought forward. While there is no confirmed date as of yet, it is predicted that NHS Christmas Pay Day 2022 will be Wednesday 21st or Thursday 22nd of December.

  • NHS and Healthcare staff that work out of hours, unsocial shifts and overtime receive enhancements for their hard work–especially over the holiday period.


  • Every bank account can differ when it comes to the time period your wages are received. For example, most wage payments will go in at midnight on the day the payment is due, or shortly after midnight, but this can differ from bank to bank.

  • Within the NHS, all staff are now entitled to public holidays per annum, but the number may change from time to time. Also, you are entitled to be paid NHS overtime rates if you are a full-time worker. Overtime is 1.5 times your normal, hourly rate.

  • As you know, Christmas pay is usually a hot topic. When will you be paid? Will it be early? All very valid questions! Last year, NHS staff got paid around the 22nd of December, and with Christmas falling on a weekend this year, many assume the NHS Christmas payday in 2022 will be the 22nd or 23rd. It’s always worth checking with your team to view the Christmas and New Year schedules to see if your payday has been announced yet.

    Also, did you know that NHS staff can get Uber Rides for free during the festive season? Uber offers free rides so key workers that work during the Christmas period to ensure you can leave work and get home safely. 

    Uber also offers free meals to NHS staff through the Uber eats app. Don't have the app? You continue to work tirelessly, and during the festive season, and thanks to Uber, you could be enjoying a well-earned meal from a local favourite restaurant. An earned meal on Uber is easy. Download the Uber App or google Uber NHS Christmas rides and Meals to learn more. Terms and conditions may apply!

  • Annual leave is something you are entitled to take all year round. There is no legal right to choose when you take annual leave, however, your employer will need to balance your leave with the needs of the team. Therefore, it’s good to get your holidays booked in advance if possible. That way, your manager can account for your annual leave.

  • All NHS staff work different hours and dates over the festive period. The best way to answer the question, do NHS admin staff work over Christmas, is to speak with your manager. In some cases, you may not be required to work, and in other cases, this could be different. You may also be able to book time off work over Christmas.