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5 Health & Fitness Tips for NHS Staff

When you spend your days looking after other people, you can easily forget to look after yourself. After work, many of us want to relax because we didn't sleep enough or exercise regularly. Here are five health and fitness tips for NHS staff to help you feel happy, healthy, and prepared for anything. 

We all know that drinking water is important. But when you're having a busy day, it is usually one of the first things that you forget about. To make keeping up your water intake easier, we recommend taking a water bottle with you on your shift. 

Having your own bottle reminds you to drink and lets you keep track of how much water you've had. Drink 2 liters of water daily for better brain, skin, and energy. 

After work, it's tempting to relax on the couch and stay there all evening. But instead, it is important that you make some time to move your body. Walking during work is tiring, but exercising after work helps clear your mind. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to put on lycra and head to the gym. 

You can walk in the park or do a dance video at home, whichever you prefer. If you're keen to relax and unwind after work, then these yoga stretching exercises are a great place to start. 

If you're on a hectic shift, taking a break and eating your lunch can go right out the window. Especially if you need to pop down to the canteen to grab some food. We would recommend that you prepare your food in advance when popular and take a balanced pack lunch with you. 

Whether you go for a traditional sandwich and piece of fruit or want to mix it up with a salad, having your packed lunch with you will save you time. 

As well as taking your packed lunch with you to work, you should also take the time to meal batch-cook meals in advance. This will make eating a nutritious meal at night even easier. You could even take leftovers to work the following day. This is one of our favourite ways to make lives easier. 

Looking for inspiration? Check out our nutrition ideas for NHS staff here.  

Getting an early night can feel impossible, no matter how tired you are. By the time you get home and exercise, do some chores, and eat, it is time to get into bed again. Getting enough sleep is important for your physical and mental health, but many people don't realise its significance. 

A great way to ensure you get enough sleep is to schedule the time in for it. We know this sounds too obvious, but carving out 7-8 hours of sleep time is a great way to be stricter with your sleep schedule. Have a set bedtime where possible, and try to stick to it every night. Similarly, you should try to wake up at the same time every morning as well so that your body gets into a natural sleep rhythm. 

When we talk about health and fitness, it is important not to neglect your mental health. It greatly impacts our day-to-day lives and can influence how motivated we feel to protect our overall health. So as part of your daily, weekly, or monthly routine, we recommend that you take some time to do something creative. Whether you love painting, reading, or even want to improve your home decor skills, creativity can boost your happiness and well-being. 

Everything You Need to Stay Fit & Healthy - NHS Health & Fitness Discounts on Essentials

Whether you're kick-starting a health and fitness journey or you've started but don't know where to go next, we've got the checklist for you. 

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If you want to start running, going to a yoga class, or even going for a walk around the local park, then you may need the right clothes to wear. Our NHS health discounts include savings on sportswear so that you can look the part when exercising. From JD Sports to Gymshark, we've got discounts for NHS staff.  

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Have you got all the gear but no idea what you're doing? Head to your local gym for some help from the professionals. You can stay fit and healthy for less with NHS discount offers on some of the most well-known high street gyms. From The Gym Group to Pure Gym discount codes, you can save money on your monthly memberships.  

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Do you prefer to work out in the comfort of your own home? You can save money when buying workout equipment for your home, including the world-famous Peloton Bike packages.  


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