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Save when shopping for your little one's wardrobe with our kid's fashion discounts from big brands. Whether you're shopping for newborns or kid's fashion clothes in 2023 for boys and girls, you can save both in-store and online. Refreshing your kid's clothes doesn't have to break the bank with our discount fashion kid's clothes.  

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Quick Tips on How To Save on Children's Clothes

If you're a parent, you'll understand how expensive children are. The list of things they need can be endless, from food to toys and school supplies. But with kids growing so quickly, you'll likely constantly be buying new clothes that fit. By the time you've bought them something new, your little ones have a growth spurt, and you need to refresh their wardrobe again!  

From trousers to dresses, underwear, and coats, even if you only buy the basics, the costs can soon start to add up. To make things a little more affordable, we have put together these quick tips on how to save on kid's fashion for boys and girls.  

When you see a sale, you may be tempted to stock up. And while a sale can be a great place to bag some brilliant bargains, you may buy things you don't need. Buying unnecessary items can result in wasting a lot of money.  

So we recommend you use the same criteria when buying something at full price as you would at a reduced price. Think about whether there is room for your little ones to grow into it, if they'll fit in the right season of the year, and how much use they'll get out of it. This will help you be sale savvy and buy strategically.  

Before you purchase anything at full price, be sure to check out if there are any discounts you are eligible for. As part of Health Service Discounts, our discounts is an employee benefit for all NHS and healthcare staff. Don't worry if you are retired healthcare staff; you're eligible too! We offer exclusive deals on everything you need, from mobile phones to fashion.  

Be sure to keep looking back to see our available NHS discount kids clothes, as occasionally, partners may increase their discounts! 

Don't forget to check exclusive deals from top brands on girls and boys clothing. And the best news? It is absolutely free to join.  

As kids grow out of clothes so quickly, it is common for parents to donate clothes that no longer fit to charity shops or sell them online. Therefore, one of the biggest ways you can save money when buying children's clothing is to shop second-hand.  

Whether you head to your local charity shop or head to second-hand websites such as Vinted or Depop, you'll be able to find kid’s clothes in condition for a fraction of the price. You'll likely find clothes on there that are still brand new and have never been worn!  

You could also sell clothes that your kids grow out of on second-hand websites to make buying new clothes a bit more affordable!  

Did you know that you can receive cashback on the clothes you buy? Many people purchase clothing for kids and adults without realising that they could reap the benefits of using their ode cashback card.  

From M&S, Clarks, and Lelli Kelly, you can receive cashback when shopping online or in-store with your ode cashback card. This means you'll actually receive money for buying kid's clothes from these retailers. Sounds good, right? You can sign up for an ode cashback card here 

If you have family and friends with children a similar age to yours, why not ask them what bits and bobs of clothing they have available? The chances are they will have things taking up room at home that they'd be happy for your kids to use. Make sure you do this for others in your life, too, and return the favour!  

Children's Fashion Seasonal Clothing Ideas  

Not only do kids grow super quickly, but with the everchanging and unpredictable weather, it is important that you have an array of seasonal clothing for every occasion. But if you're struggling for inspiration, then check out our kid's fashion 2023 ideas to keep your little ones looking stylish all year round.  


Spring into the brighter weather with your kid’s wardrobes by having the right fashion pieces on hand. The key to dressing your kids in spring is layers. You can never be sure during springtime what the weather will be like from one hour to the next, so you'll need cardigans and jackets on hand when it's cold, but they can also slip off if it gets too warm. Other spring essentials include cotton t-shirts, jumpsuits, and long shorts.  


Make the most of the sunny days with summer dresses, cargo pants, and cute shorts that make up the perfect summer wardrobe. You can really have some fun with your kid’s clothing during the summer. So whether you're planning a family adventure, a day in the garden, or your kids have got playdates to attend, our exclusive fashion discounts will help you kit them out with everything they need for sundress season.  


As the weather starts to turn, be sure to keep your kids cosy but stylish with some new autumn pieces. This is the time of year when you need to get those long-sleeved t-shirts and tights out, but their autumn clothes from last year aren't likely to still fit them. But don't worry; you can save money when buying your kids’ new clothes with our money-saving tips above!  


When winter arrives, it is time to wrap the kids up warm. So we recommend starting off by purchasing a new winter coat. Everyone needs a winter coat to keep them cosy during the coldest season of the year, and luckily for you, when it comes to fashion, we offer exclusive deals.  

Winter essentials for girls include thick tights, comfy boots, and knit jumpers. For winter boy's clothing, we recommend thick socks, long warm pants, and plenty of jumpers to last them until spring blooms again!  


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