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Are you looking for ways to save on your food shopping? Heading to the supermarket for food shopping has become much more expensive recently, so if you're looking for ways to save money, then you're not alone. Here we have a range of NHS supermarket discounts that you can choose from. 

Whether you prefer a shopping trip to a Tesco, Asda, or Morrison's stores or like to get your shopping delivered to your door, we have great deals for healthcare and NHS staff. 


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4 Ways to Save on Your Supermarket Food Shopping

Not only has your food shopping price likely increased considerably in recently, but supermarkets know exactly how to get us to spend our well-earned cash. From the strategic store layouts that make you walk the entire distance of the shop to the 'cheap offers' you just can't refuse at the end of each aisle, it's a minefield if you're trying to save money.  

So, as well as or best NHS discounts in supermarkets, here are Health Service Discount's top 5 ways to save on your supermarket food shopping. 

One of the main reasons why you may be spending more than you mean to when taking a trip to the supermarket is because you get tempted by treats and deals. Of course, we all need some treats from time to time, but adding too many 'unmissable deals' to your trolley will soon start to add up. 

Therefore, we recommend that you take a shopping list with you and stick to it as much as possible. Your bank balance will thank you for it! 

Whether it's convenient, more practical for you, or you can't trust yourself down the chocolate aisle, you may prefer to get your shopping delivered straight to your door. You simply log on to the store's website and select everything you want. And thanks to discount codes that are often available, you can enjoy this service for even less. 

Don't forget that many supermarkets, including Morrisons and ASDA, offer a monthly and yearly delivery pass so that you can get your shopping delivered for just a one-off payment. This is possible without the need for any codes and promo codes for NHS workers. 

If you've been shopping at a particular supermarket for some time, you may be surprised that some of your favourite stores offer NHS staff discounts at their supermarkets. Just like student discounts and money off for care workers etc, some stores will offer supermarket discounts for NHS staff. Simply by showing your NHS ID at the till or checking out the website to see what is available, you could be saving considerably. 

Supermarket loyalty schemes have become increasingly popular in recent years, and now everyone is on the lookout for the best points and rewards system out there.  

From the Morrisons More scheme, which is available on the Morrisons app, to the Tesco Clubcard, there are many different schemes to choose from. It is worth signing up as a member as they’ll provide you with extra money off or additionally discounted products for being a member. 

For example, the Morrisons More card isn't a Morrisons supermarket NHS discount but is available to all members. 


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