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Top 3 fragrances for women

Finding the perfect scent for you can be challenging with many different fragrances. Whether you haven't yet found your signature scent or are sick of wearing the same perfume all the time, we can help you find the fragrance. Or maybe you're searching for a gift for someone else? Either way, here are the top 3 fragrances for women (and, of course, some fragrance NHS discounts to go with them!). 

This popular female fragrance is well-known for its unique and glam scent. Black Opium offers a luxurious floral scent with added black coffee, white florals, and vanilla. This combination will awaken the senses with an added touch of sweetness. The bottle is also pretty glam, with its glittery design, which will stand out on your dressing table. 

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When most people think of women's perfume, Marc Jacobs will surely come to mind. This popular designer has dominated the female fragrance world for some time and is considered one of the classics. 

While the 'Daisy' range has several scents you can choose from, Daisy Love is the addictive and irresistible scent that is perfect all year round. It includes top notes of sweet Cloudberries mixed with Cashmere Musks. Also, the bottle looks great! 

As one of the most well-known women's fragrances, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel is a woody, ambery, and oriental fragrance. Other scents include rose, jasmine, and a touch of fresh citrus. This unbeatable classic is a fragrance you're sure to recognise. 

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Top 3 fragrances for men

Looking for a new men's fragrance? Here are some popular choices for you or the men in your life. Get discounts on fragrance purchases with Fragrance Direct discount codes and promo codes for your favorite stores. From Hugo Boss aftershave and Gucci gift sets that make the perfect presents, here is some inspiration. 

Tom Ford is one of the most popular designer brands out here, so the Ombre Leather men's aftershave is the go-to choice for many men. The fragrance includes a mixture of scents, including floral leather and spices, and is an easy-to-wear scent for men. 

Take your scent to a new level and turn heads with Dior's popular male fragrance Sauvage. Inspired by the desert at twilight, it smells like a mixture of the coolness of the night and the burning desert air. This iconic fragrance includes Calabrian bergamot, woody ambery, and a hint of vanilla. 

The scent includes blood mandarin, woody cinnamon and has become synonymous with male fragrances. The bottle is famously designed to appear like a gold bar and is minimal but still holds its own on the shelf. 

Top 3 gender-neutral fragrances

Traditionally, fragrances are gendered. Generally, you can expect sweeter floral scents for women and smokey wood smells for aftershave for men. Fragrances can be for anyone, not just men or women, and gender-neutral scents are getting more popular now. 

Gender-neutral fragrances first appeared on the market when Calvin Klein released the CK One in 1994. It broke the mould and was the first fragrance to be marketed as gender-neutral. It contains a mixture of typically feminine and masculine scents, including lemon, mandarin orange, Bergamot and pineapple. Providing a citrus aromatic fragrance.  

Another popular genderless fragrance includes this addition by the popular designer Jean Paul Gaultier. They produced this limited-edition Eau De Toilette with top notes of Yuzu and Blood Orange to create a quirky and modern scent to unite the LGBTQIA+ community.  

Alongside its enhanced smell with Neroli and Orange Blossom, this citrus fragrance it's hardly surprising that this is a unisex staple scent.  

If you're looking for a fresh, gender-neutral scent, look no further. Tom Ford's Costa Azzurra offers a Mediterranean essence with a crisp and citrus freshness. It is a scent that will turn heads at any time of the year.  

Finding your perfect fragrance

Finding the right fragrance for you can be difficult with so many choices. And the last thing you want to do is spend money on a fragrance that isn't right for you. Therefore, we recommend you make the most of fragrance samples and UK discount codes to ensure you try them before buying. Depending on the time you shop you may even bag yourself some free gifts.  

You don't have to visit a local store to pick up your perfect fragrance, as our promotion codes are available online! For example, you can use our discount code for Fragrance Direct and get your favourite scents delivered to your door for less. There are a range of delivery options available to you, including local collection, next day delivery and delivery within 3-4 working days with Royal Mail.