WeSwap Travel Card - £15 free travel money for NHS

On your first top-up of £100 or more

WeSwap Travel Card - £15 free travel money for NHS


  • The WeSwap prepaid Mastercard is the smart and hassle-free way to manage your currency abroad.
  • This one clever card lets you spend abroad in any currency worldwide; plus our easy to use app lets you top-up your wallet, swap your currency and check your balance on the go.
  • One card. Global Currencies
  • Unbeatable exchange rates
  • Save up to 90% compared to banks and bureaux
  • No transaction fees (to use your card abroad)
  • Free ATM withdrawals (above £200)
  • In-App security ‘block/unblock’ feature
  • Join now and get £15 Free Travel Money on your first top-up of £100 or more.
  • WeSwap offers its customers an online currency exchange service that is linked to a multi-currency prepaid card holding several E-Wallets. The service enables its customers to swap currencies with other Cardholders, therefore avoiding standard currency exchange fees charged by bureaux de change, high-street retailers and banks. The card can be used for a variety of Transactions, eg purchasing goods or services, obtaining cash, in-app transfer to other users etc
  • https://support.weswap.com/hc/en-us/articles/229594527

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