Mattresses, Pillows & Bedding - 26% off Simba Hybrid Mattresses when you spend £300

Plus 26% off bedding, pillows, duvets & sheets when you purchase a mattress
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Mattresses, Pillows & Bedding - 26% off Simba Hybrid Mattresses when you spend £300


  • Award winning mattresses featuring Simba’s unique patented comfort technology
  • Designed with data from 10m sleepers, the Hybrid(R) mattress is designed to suit all body types and sleep styles
  • Discount also applies to bedding (pillows, duvet, sheets etc) with a mattress order
  • 300k 5* reviews on Trustpilot


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  • Simba are experts in the science of sleep. And we’re on a mission to help the world sleep better. Powered by technological expertise and innovation, our high-tech mattresses aren’t just superbly comfortable, they’re designed to solve common sleep problems such as poor support and overheating.
    It took the body data of 10 million+ sleepers and 70 prototypes, but our unique Hybrid® design is a game changer: our mattresses suit every body type and sleeping style thanks to our super-responsive, titanium alloy micro springs, and our unique, cooling airflow foam. They’re also 100% recyclable and roll up into a box for easier, more eco-efficient delivery. Over 60 industry awards later, Simba technology has helped over 1 million people sleep better.
    In fact, we’re now the world’s most five-star reviewed mattress brand, with over 250,000 stellar reviews (and counting). But that’s not the only reason you can rest easy with Simba; we also offer a 200-night trial and a 10-year guarantee on all our mattresses, as well as free delivery and returns.
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