Pulseroll - 10% NHS discount

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Pulseroll - 10% NHS discount


  • Pulseroll are the next generation of fitness training recovery and wellbeing products – using scientifically proven benefits of vibration technology.
  • Use Pulseroll on your sore muscle areas, hold for 10-30 seconds on the most painful trigger points and let the vibrations work their magic, providing you with the most effective deep tissue massage for a fraction of the price. Repeat each session several times and on a daily basis for great long term results and benefits.
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  • Pulseroll has developed a range of muscle recovery products to help you recover from strenuous workouts faster. These include a percussion massage gun, a vibrating foam roller and a vibrating peanut ball. Thanks to the power of vibration, the Foam Roller and Peanut Ball offer a deep massaging effect with weight applied to ease tightness. The Massage Gun is incredible too, with 4 intensity levels and a 3-hour battery.
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