NHS Mind & Body Plan - FREE shake 'n' bake recipes

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NHS Mind & Body Plan - FREE shake 'n' bake recipes


  • From ward to living room, the flexible nature of the plan empowers NHS staff to integrate it within an intense working week
  • Starks Fitness wanted to play its part in the national effort and provide its services to those keeping the country safe


Mind & Body Plan

During this unprecedented time, ensuring that you are getting all the essential nutrients, vitamins and

quality ingredients to your diet is crucial for wellbeing.

This complimentary ebook will encourage you to use some alternative healthy recipes when you find

yourself on the go, busy and need to be confident on what nutrition your body is receiving.

These initial Shake ’n’ Bake recipes has been curated by the team at Starks Fitness to work around the busy schedules and tired bodies of those working on the NHS frontline. Considering what consists in

“nutritionally balanced” meals, these have been designed to cover nutritional needs. They include 3 shakes that are perfect to take with you on the go and a couple of our ‘bake’ recipes including our scrumptious protein pancakes for that little treat!

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