NHS Mind & Body Plan - FREE exercise, stress, sleep & eating management plan

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NHS Mind & Body Plan - FREE exercise, stress, sleep & eating management  plan


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  • Benefit from unlimited access to our training & education library – workouts ranging from 15 to 45-minute sessions. Choose a workout that fits within your schedule!
  • Check out our specialist categories; including our post-natal series; Rebuild, which takes our new mums on a journey to regain the physical & mental strength after the incredible life-changing event!


The Mind & Body Plan

After a year of uncertainty and suffering, prioritising our mental and physical wellbeing has never been more important.

This complimentary plan will encourage health service workers put themselves first (for once) and prescribe their dose of medicine for the mind and body.

Your Mind & Body plan includes the following:

1. Nutrition tips & meal suggestions

2. Guided breathing & meditation techniques

3. Hormone control

4. Sleep management tips

5. How to stay motivated

6. TWO home workout programmes for all abilities. Our Strong programme focuses on bodyweight strength & conditioning, meanwhile Move is ideal to increase blood flow and promote recovery.

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