Full House Movies Bundle. £62 a month

240+ channels & Sky Cinema HD
Average download speeds of 108Mbps
12 month contract

Full House Movies Bundle. £62 a month


  • Inclusive weekend calls to selected numbers
  • Cinema lovers, super streamers and all night gamers
  • VIVID 100 helps to power the busiest households and keep everyone entertained with the latest movies, the channels that matter
  • Exclusive TV Box Sets, unlimited downloads and streaming on loads of devices
  • 12 month contract
  • Terms and conditions apply. See the Virgin Media website for full terms and conditions.
    Offers are subject to change. £25 set up fee.
    Prices may change at any time during the contract. New customers only. SERVICES ONLY AVAILABLE IN VIRGIN MEDIA NETWORK AREAS. Subject to survey, network capacity and credit check. A minimum period applies to the services, please check basket for details. What is a minimum period? When you take a service from us you will be agreeing to commit to taking that service for a minimum amount of time (e.g. 12 or 18 months). We call this a minimum period, minimum term or minimum commitment period but they mean the same thing. Please check your basket for details of the minimum period that applies to the services you have chosen. What if I cancel or move home? If you cancel during the minimum period you may need to pay an Early Disconnection Fee, including where you move to a property outside of the Virgin Media Network area – this is because you will be asking to cancel your services early. The Virgin Media network does not cover all of the UK.

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