Simba Sleep - 41% off Simba Hybrid Mattresses when you spend £300

Plus 41% off bedding, pillows, duvets & sheets when you purchase a mattress
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Simba Sleep - 41% off Simba Hybrid Mattresses when you spend £300


  • Award winning mattresses featuring Simba’s unique patented comfort technology
  • Designed with data from 10m sleepers, the Hybrid(R) mattress is designed to suit all body types and sleep styles
  • Bedding (pillows, duvet, sheets etc) also 41% off with a mattress order


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  • 1. This Promotion is provided by Simba Sleep Limited (company number 09703422) of 2 Temple Back, East Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6EG (“Simba”). Our VAT number is GB230194343. 2. Simba is committed to showing its support for healthcare workers during these challenging times. Persons eligible to redeem this Promotion (“Eligible Persons”) will be determined by Simba, and may include (but are not strictly limited to) persons engaged in the provision of front-line healthcare services in relation to treatment of patients, including treatment of Covid-19, who are resident in the UK, and are; a) employees of the National Health Service or an agency contracted thereby; or b) employees of private healthcare workers or an agency contracted by a private healthcare provider 3. Evidence of your status as an Eligible Person may be requested from you at Simba’s sole discretion, and which Simba shall interpret as defining you to be an Eligible Person, or not, as the case may be, at its sole discretion. Where you are uncertain whether or not Simba will regard you as an Eligible Person for the purposes of this Promotion, or to seek guidance as to how to evidence that you are an Eligible Person, you must contact Simba via email at [email protected], or WhatsApp, or our chat facility, as enumerated at on the Simba website at the URL (our “Website”), to obtain written confirmation that you are an Eligible Person. Simba’s decision as to who is and is not an Eligible Person shall be final and no correspondence shall be entered into. Where you elect not to comply with requests from Simba to evidence that you are an Eligible Person, whether before or after you have completed an order seeking to or having used a discount code in this Promotion, Simba may elect not to regard you as an Eligible Person despite your use of a discount code, and may take action including, but not strictly limited to, cancelling an order made pursuant to a discount code. 4. Eligible Persons may redeem this offer or any future offer which references prior use of this “Healthcare Worker promotion” code once per person. 5. For the limited period set out below, Simba may offer Eligible Persons a discount of 41% off the RRP for any Simba mattress with accessories (with the exception of no discounts being applicable to bunk mattresses) purchased via Simba’s Website by use of a discount code to be entered during the checkout process. Discounts apply to Simba mattress products with accessories (excluding bunk mattresses) only, and shall not include, but is not limited in excluding, delivery charges. The discount is available for the purchase of one mattress with accessories only. 6. By placing an order for a Simba mattress via the Website during the duration of the offer, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out herein (“Terms”) together with Simba’s General Terms and Conditions, which can be accessed via 7. This Promotion may not be used in conjunction with any other promotion, offer, bundle, or discount, on our Website, and it may not be redeemed for cash or credit. 8. Simba reserves the right not to honour this Promotion or to discontinue this Promotion in any circumstances it considers appropriate, including without limitation, and as determined at Simba’s sole discretion: o where the Offer is sought to be redeemed before commencement or after expiry of the Offer Window; or where Simba determines that you are not an Eligible Person; or where Simba determines that you are misusing, abusing, or acting contrary to the spirit of, this Promotion; or where Simba determines that you have already redeemed this Promotion; or where the Promotion is sought to be redeemed in conjunction with another discount code, offer, promotion, bundle, or other similar scheme. Simba reserves the right to cancel, amend or withdraw this Promotion at any time where it considers it appropriate to do so having regard to its legitimate business interests or where it is prevented from administering the Promotion (including, but not limited to, where the capacity for Simba to complete your order is impacted by Covid-19 directly or indirectly). 9. This Promotion applies to Simba Products ordered for delivery in the UK and via the Website only. It cannot be applied to products purchased via any of Simba’s authorised retailers, or any other merchant. 10. In the event that the Promotion is not applied correctly, where you believe you have complied with these Terms or you have any other questions or issues in relation to the Promotion or wish to opt out of the Promotion for any reason, please contact us by email at [email protected], or via our WhatsApp or chat facilities accessible via the Simba Website.

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