Britannia Hotels. 10% off best available rates

51 hotels in top UK locations

Britannia Hotels. 10% off best available rates


  • 51 great hotels in cities, near the seaside and close to airports
  • Free wireless internet
  • Health clubs with pools, gyms and spas
  • Incredible value, from just £34 per room per night
  • Ideal for the budget-concious traveller
  • Britannia Hotels have 51 hotels across the UK offering over 9,000 bedrooms. Location is key to our success and our UK hotels can be found in prime cities throughout the UK as well as near major airports, in seaside resorts or surrounded by stunning countryside. Our competitive pricing offers real value for money for both individuals and companies who are looking to save on quality accommodation. Modern facilities such as restaurants, bars, nightclubs, health clubs and FREE wireless internet access are complimented by the rich décor and friendly atmosphere.

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