Apple EPP Store - Up to 10% off for NHS

Prices shown include discount

Apple EPP Store - Up to 10% off for NHS


  • Save up to 10%
  • iPhone 13 | iPhone 13 Mini
  • iPhone 12| iPhone SE
  • AirPods
  • Mac Pro | MacBook Air | Mac Mini
  • Apple Watch Series 3 | Apple Watch SE
  • iPad Air
  • iPod touch | Apple TV 4K


*Please be aware* - once you visit the Apple EPP store you will have been cookied. This means the prices shown on the Apple store will be the same as the EPP store. To view the original price on the Apple store you will need to view via incognito mode. Please ensure you purchase though the EPP store to receive your discount

Apple are giving NHS an online discount. To redeem this offer click "Get Deal" to visit the website. You will be asked to accept the Apple EPP Store terms & conditions. Complete your purchase online. The prices shown include discount.

  • Exclusions apply & discounts are subject to product availability. Please note new releases do not have a discount applied.

    Current Discounts:
    •iPhone SE
    •iPhone 11
    •iPhone 12
    •iPhone 13, 13 mini
    •MacBook Air
    •MacBook Pro 13"
    •Mac mini
    •Mac ProApple Watch SE
    •Apple Watch Series
    •iPad Air
    •iPod Touch
    •Apple TV HD
    •Apple TV 4K
    •Siri Remote
    •AirPod 2nd Gen
    •AirPod Pro
    •iPhone Cases and Accessories
    •Mac accessories
    •Watch accessories
    •iPad Cases
    •iPad Magic Keyboard 11” Black
    •iPad Smart Keyboard
    •Apple Pencil
    •AirTag Accessories
    •Select 3rd Party Accessories

    Current Exclusions:
    •Apple Watch Series 7
    •Apple Watch Hermes
    •Apple Watch Edition
    •Apple Watch Studio
    •iPad Pro
    •iMac 24"
    •iPhone 13 Pro , 13 Pro Max
    •New MacBook Pro 14" + 16"
    •iPad mini
    •HomePod mini
    •AirPod 3rd Gen
    •AirPods Max
    •iPad 9th Generation

    Your annual allowance on the Apple EPP is: • 3x iPhone • 3x iPad • 3x Mac • 3x Watch • 10x iPod • Unlimited software & accessories
    Your annual allowance includes purchases for family members.

    Please note that when paying monthly or choosing a finance option, the APR you receive may be lower on the Apple store direct

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