NHS Birthday Giveaway - Empathy Elite Prepaid Funeral

A prize everybody will need one day. Forget Parky & Co advertising insurance plans as a way to pay for funeral costs, this is your chance to win the real deal, an Elite Prepaid Funeral, worth a whopping £3,850, courtesy of Empathy UK. 

With interest rates being so low and funeral costs rising faster than the retail price index, a prepaid funeral is the only way to guarantee burial costs will be covered when needed and assist your family and loved one when they need it most.

All you have to do for your chance to win our Empathy Elite Prepaid Funeral Giveaway is to enter our prize draw by submitting your email address below. 

All entries must be received by 10:00pm on Sunday 7 July 2019. T & C's apply.

Congratulations to our winner

The 2019 NHS Birthday Giveaway was a tremendous success and many congratulations to A Parkin - the winner of this excellent prize.

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