Holidays for Heroes

For the last few months, key workers left their loved ones to care for ours.

They've worked under immense pressure and the least we can do is give you the recognition that you deserve, make your lives easier and making your money go further. 

To make sure our Heroes have the chance to finally unwind, relax and book a long-awaited holiday we have collated our top exclusive discounts & travel deals. 

Giveaways for NHS & Healthcare Staff

We're always celebrating the excellence of NHS and Healthcare staff by giving away fantastic prizes to our members, to thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Make sure to keep up to date with the latest giveaways on our site.



Who's Eligible For Our Discounts?

If you work in ANY ROLE WITHIN A HEALTHCARE ORGANISATION you are entitled to our discounts. This includes:

  • NHS Staff

  • GP Staff

  • Retired Healthcare Staff

  • Private Healthcare Staff

  • Healthcare-related Students

  • Foundation Trust Members

  • Dental Practice Staff

  • Hospice Staff

  • Pharmacy Staff

  • Healthcare Volunteers

  • Part-time Bank Staff

  • Healthcare-related Charity Staff