We Are Discounts Limited - Voucher Promotion Terms and Conditions


  1. If you are an Eligible Member who takes out any of the Qualifying Product from EE limited (‘EE) you will be eligible to receive a voucher reward (‘Member Voucher’) from We Are Discounts Ltd (‘WAD’), subject to the following promotion terms and conditions.


  1. Qualifying Product in these terms & conditions mean:


  1. 100GB SIMO product, £20 a month for 24 months, £40 voucher
  2. All smart watch contracts, £25 voucher.


  1. ‘Eligible Member’ means a WAD member who concludes a valid sale with EE Limited for a Qualifying Product via  EE Limited website at https://ee.co.uk/# after the 15/06.2020. (see condition 10 below) and who (i) has who has consented to participating in this WAD voucher promotion on these terms & conditions and (ii) does not exercise any cancellation rights in respect of the Qualifying Product following conclusion.


  1. The Member Voucher will be an e-voucher with a value of £60. The Member will be allowed to choose from a selection of retailers.


  1. The use and redemption of the Member Voucher (including any expiry date) will be governed by the relevant voucher issuer’s terms & conditions.


  1. If you are an Eligible Member EE Limited will confirm your email address to WAD (for the purposes of sending you the Member Voucher). WAD will provide that email address to WAD’s fulfilment partner, Sodexo to fulfil your voucher on behalf of WAD. You will then receive an email from Sodexo, containing a link to enable you to claim your Member Voucher (‘Voucher Email’).


  1. The Voucher Email will only be sent to you if WAD has received confirmation from EE Limited that you have become an Eligible Member. Such confirmation will be subject to the expiration of any ‘cooling-off’ period that may apply to the relevant Qualifying Product. For the avoidance of doubt, a completion is deemed successful when WAD has received payment from EE Limited.


  1. Timescales for fulfilment of Member Vouchers to Eligible Members may vary by depending on the type of Qualifying Product which is concluded with EE Limited but is typically made to Eligible Members within 60 days funds reaching WAD.


  1. WAD is committed to fulfilling all Member Vouchers as  promoted to Members on our website or in our Member communications, and in accordance with these terms and conditions; in the event of any eligibility dispute WAD  reserves the right to make the final decision on eligibility. WAD’s liability to any Member or Eligible Member for all or any claims arising from this promotion or in connection with it shall be limited in aggregate to the amount of the voucher you have associated with the product a member has purchased and shall in all cases exclude any indirect or consequential loss but this limit shall not apply to any claims arising from death or personal injury or which cannot be excluded by law.


  1. WAD has policies and procedures in place to deal with cases of any known or suspected fraud. In the event if any such occurrence in relation to any Member or Eligible Member WAD will notify the appropriate authorities and provide the contact details of any suspected Member or Eligible Member to law enforcement and government agencies.


  1. REGULATORY INFORMATION: For the avoidance of doubt WAD is not a provider of any Qualifying Products and acts only as credit broker in respect of which activity WAD is licensed by the FCA under licence number: 674691


  1. PRIVACY INFORMATION: WAD’s use of your personal data in relation to this voucher promotion is subject to our privacy policy as promoter and data controller, which can be found here: https://healthservicediscounts.com/privacy-policy. EE Limited use of your personal data in relation to your application for or conclusion of any Qualifying Products as lender and data controller can be found here: https://www.nortonfinance.co.uk/terms-and-conditions