UK Road Trips: How do I get my car ready for summer?

Summer is right around the corner, and before you know it, you’ll be packing the car and enjoying sun-soaked adventures with friends and family.

From days out and staycations in the UK to road trips, you’ll soon be using your car more than you think, but before you set off, it’s worth asking yourself: is my car ready for summer?

How do you check if your car is ready for a long trip?

The demand for staycations in the UK is on the rise, and whether you’re planning a weekend break or a day out, being able to load the car up with loved ones and essentials is one of the many joys of holidaying at home.

Travelling in the UK is a lot easier than travelling abroad, but something you need to consider is checking the health of your car. Before you start your UK road trip or day out, you need to conduct a summer health check on your car, but what does that mean?

What is a car summer health check?

A summer checklist is an examination of your vehicle’s core functions, making sure the vital components are in good working condition before travelling. Take a look at this car summer health checklist:

  • Tyres – check that there is enough tread on your tyres and that the pressure is set correctly (according to manufacturer instructions). These are essential for the summer months and long-distance driving.
  • Lights – Your lights are an essential part of your car, so make sure you check them before long-distance driving. Hazards, brake, fog, reverse, main, beams, sidelights: check them all.
  • Fluids – Engine oil, screenwash, brake fluid, ensure your vehicle fluids are ready for your UK road trip.
  • Brakes – Your brakes/brake pads are essential, and for a small fee, a local garage will happily inspect the health of the brakes of your car. Some garages do it for free!

From car insurance, travel insurance, and breakdown services to general car maintenance, making sure your car is summer ready is essential, and we have great deals and discounts on these services. Check out our Motoring NHS discounts & deals!

Breakdown Cover is Essential!

Breakdown cover is essential when you are travelling around and using your car a bunch, so don’t let your road trip be ruined by a flat tyre (or battery). Get breakdown cover ahead of time to give yourself peace of mind.

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Tips for Your Next UK Road Trip

  • Plan your route in advance – and plan your stops!
  • Pack for comfort.
  • Create a list of all your essentials.
  • Make a playlist in advance.
  • Clean your car before you drive.
  • Stock up on water, snacks, mints, and any other travelling essentials!
  • Prepare entertainment for the kids; eye-spy, books, and make sure you charge the iPad, handheld games consoles, and any other technology.

When to Plan Your UK Road Trip

If you want to plan a break, why not plan one during the upcoming bank holidays? From scenic drives to the North York Moors, fish and chips at a seaside town, to the stunning nature of the Lake District, finding the right place in the UK is easy. Thankfully, there are lots of bank holidays coming up, so why not check out our NHS Bank Holiday blog post and discover when’s best to plan your next trip?