The Best Things to do in London this Summer

If you plan on taking a trip to the big city then you may be keen to learn more about the best things to do in London this summer. London is the capital of the United Kingdom and is known around the world for its impressive landscape made up of iconic landmarks. From the world’s most famous clock ‘Big Ben’ to the Houses of Parliament, it is hardly surprising that millions of people head from all over the world to enjoy everything the city has to offer. 

While you may be keen to visit London, you may be put off by the price of things. Like many capital cities around the world, the cost of a trip to London can soon start to add up. But with our discounts on hand, you can have all the fun for a fraction of the price. 

Check out our NHS discounts for the best things to do in London this summer that will make your next trip to the capital even more affordable! 

Best Things to do in London this Summer for Sightseeing  

Visit Shakespeare’s Globe

One of the best things to do in London this summer for sightseeing is a trip to Shakespeare’s Globe. This world-renowned theatre and education centre is a cultural landmark in Southwark on the River Thames. It is a reconstruction of the Elizabethan playhouse where William Shakespeare famously wrote his plays. 

It is a must-visit location for anyone keen on experiencing an open-air show by one of the world’s most famous playwrights or taking the kids to experience the globe’s magic.

Book the London Eye 

Another of the best things to do in London this summer is sightseeing. Visiting the culturally and historically iconic buildings is an important part of any trip to the capital, and no matter what you are looking for from your days out in London, there are some landmarks that you just can’t not visit. The London Eye is one of these for sure, especially as you can’t avoid seeing it even if you tried! 

The London Eye, also sometimes referred to as the Millennium Wheel, stands 135m tall and is the world’s largest cantilevered observation wheel of its kind. This landmark, launched in 2000, sits on the South Bank of the River Thames and attracts over 3 million visitors every year. 

London Dungeon 

For days out in London, the London Dungeon is another must-see attraction. Located in London’s South Bank, you can scream your way through London’s dark past with exciting rides and live shows reenacting gory historical events. It is fun for tourists of all ages and if it doesn’t scare you then it is sure to make you laugh in a gallows humour style. Oh and the best news? We’ve even got a London Dungeon NHS discount, especially for you! 

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London Dungeon NHS Discount

Take a Trip to Buckingham Palace 

Buckingham Palace is known around the world as The Queen’s royal residence and HQ of all things royal. Located in the heart of Westminster, there are many state occasions that take place at the palace, including the recent Platinum Jubilee celebrations. You can also see the regular Changing of the Guard ceremony which takes place every couple of days, and daily through the months of June and July. 

If you head to Buckingham Palace during July and October you can even explore the magnificent state rooms and discover the history from within the palace walls.

Visit Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament 

You’ve seen it on the news but now is your opportunity to see inside the heart of British politics with a trip to the Houses of Parliament. They are one of the most recognisable buildings in the capital and are made up of the House of Lords, House of Commons and Westminster Hall. During a trip to this political meeting place, you can enjoy a guided tour and even take a trip to the famous Big Ben. 

Big Ben is the Houses of Parliaments’ iconic clock tower which has been standing tall at 96 metres high since 1859. It has recently undergone a five-year restoration worth £80m to return it to its former Victorian glory. It is definitely one of the best things to do in London for sightseeing and is high up on the majority of London’s tourists’ to-do list. 

Best things to do in London this Summer with Kids  

Head to Sea Life London Aquarium 

If you are on the lookout for the best things to do in London this summer with kids, then you have got to take a trip down to Sea Life London. Situated in South Bank, it is a guaranteed fun day out that will give you all a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

You can explore the marine life beneath the waves as you walk under the sea in the Ocean Tunnel. But don’t forget you can also investigate the Seahorse kingdom and if you’re feeling brave enough, head to Shark Walk and stroll with sharks circling beneath. 

But the fun doesn’t end there, there are many things to do in London with toddlers that are super affordable and can keep the whole family entertained. 

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Brit Movie Tours Discount

Visit BritMovieTours 

Another of the best things you can do in London this summer is to explore locations from the big screen with BritMovieTours. This is a firm family favourite that allows you to see the filming locations of your favourite shows and movies up close and personal. There are so many different tours you can book. From Bridgerton tours from the back of a London black cab to visiting 10 iconic James Bond sites, the options are endless. 

It is also a great option if you are travelling with children as kids’ movie tours are also available. Your little ones can see where Nanny McPhee conducts her witchcraft and find out how exactly Kermit breaks into the Tower of London. 

There are so many things to do and places to visit in London that you may struggle to find time for it all. But whatever it is that you get up to, by checking out this guide to the best things to do in London this summer you can tick plenty of iconic landmarks and attractions off your London bucket list.