Do NHS Christmas Pay Dates 2023 differ from NHS Christmas Pay Dates 2022?

Grab your NHS Christmas Jumper and get ready for the holiday season. Christmas and the holidays are right around the corner, and if you are like us, you want to know when your payday is (so you can treat yourself, of course).

Within this blog, we have answered some popular questions, such as “What date do NHS get paid? “, “Do NHS outpatients work on Christmas day?“, the dates for NHS pay dates 2022 and NHS payday December 2022. Before we begin, if you want to make your money go further this festive season, ensure you have signed up for Health Service Discounts. It’s FREE to join, and you gain access to exclusive deals, discounts, offers, vouchers, and so much more.

What date do NHS get paid?

Most NHS and healthcare staff are often paid on the 1st of the month unless it’s a bank holiday or a weekend. For example, last year, many NHS and healthcare staff said they were paid on Monday, 23rd of December. However, Christmas pay dates for 2023 may differ from 2022, so it’s best to confirm with your line manager.

Do NHS outpatients work on Christmas Day?

While the nation is tucking into its Christmas dinner and relaxing, NHS and healthcare workers are busy supporting those who need it. Take a look at this quote from Dayle Akred, Patient Flow Coordinator at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay, on why the NHS is vital at Christmas.

“It’s nice to be able to care for people who have to be here at Christmas. We just work as a team and try to look after each other. Even if it’s a busy shift I still try to support the festive spirit. We focus on the job and make sure patients are seen in a timely manner.”

Dayle Akred, Patient Flow Coordinator at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay

Naturally, it’s important to remember that each hospital and department will differ, so it’s best to check with your line manager.

Does NHS pay Christmas Eve double?

Any NHS and Healthcare staff working over the festive season are often paid time plus one-half or double time, as it’s a general public holiday. As always, it’s best to check with your line manager about any dates you’re working over the festive period.

When do NHS staff get paid this month?

NHS staff get paid on the 26th of each calendar month. This date can vary when this falls on a weekend or a bank holiday. For example, if the 26th falls on a Saturday, payday will be the day before – Friday.

NHS pay dates often differ around Christmas, and the NHS December pay date 2022 usually changes. The NHS pay day December 2022 will be moved to 23rd December.

Do NHS staff get public holidays?

Based on a 37.5 working week, full-time NHS staff have annual leave entitlement and are entitled to 8 days paid general public holiday. There is an expectation on every member of staff that they will fully utilise their entitlement to annual leave during the year, but these will take into account the overall intentions, stresses, and demands of your line of work/department.

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