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Small Business Saturday – Fenton Jewellery

As part of our Small Business Saturday campaign, we are putting the spotlight on some of your favourite local and independent brands! 

Say hello to luxury jewellery brand… Fenton

Here you will learn all about them from the brand itself; including where it all started, the luxury jewellery pieces it has to offer, and the discounts available to you.

Fenton was founded on the principle of doing things a bit differently by bringing transparency and traceability to the jewellery industry.

Since day one, our goal has been to make an impact at every point of the business, from the responsible sourcing of our sparkling gemstones, using recycled materials and no-waste production processes, to providing safe and equal job opportunities.

This is why, when we were discussing how to talk about our sourcing practices and supply chain at Fenton, the standard words such as ‘ethical jewellery’ and ‘sustainable jewellery’ didn’t feel right for us. That’s not because these aren’t good terms with excellent meanings; it’s more that by the time we came to the debate, they had become popularised and, at moments, even contentious.

We were looking for a simple, truthful way to describe what we do, how we do it, and what goes into the making of the products and packaging that end up in your hand. To do that, it felt like we had to develop our own vocabulary alongside the supply chain to describe it… and here it is.

Transparent, Responsible and Honest

We exist to celebrate love. Marking that love with a piece of fine jewellery is a tradition as old as time. From day one, Fenton has been passionate about creating these objects of love not out of environmental and community abuses but with a positive impact on the country and community they are made, empowering everyone our product touches.

The old school industry marketing myths such as “a ring must cost 3 months’ salary” have dominated our cultural psyche since the 1930s. But we wanted to change that with personalised jewellery crafted at a price that suits you. Whether you’re celebrating commitment, challenges, or change, we are here to make that easy.

Whoever you are, whoever you love, this is your everlasting heirloom.

Through regular site visits and an on-the-ground presence, we have built close relationships with artisanal miners and local dealers. This enables us to access and purchase the gemstones closer to the source, avoiding the large-scale sorting houses and cutting out the middlemen who can double the price of a stone.

We don’t have a sales team; we have passionate gemmologists, which we call our concierges (or by their lovely names, as you’ll see in our reviews). There’s nothing they don’t know about gemstones, but not only that, they are here to chat financing, ring sizes, delivery options, and anything else to make your journey with us easy. All for free! 

No consultation costs, just a helping hand online or in our showroom with one of our experts. 

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