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How Do I Get Cashback From My Debit Card?

Looking to get something back every time you spend? Did you know you can claim cashback on your shopping at popular high street retailers and supermarkets with the Health Service Discounts cashback card. Currently available to NHS staff, the cashback card works the same way as a debit card, only you get money back each time you spend. Win win right? But what’s the catch?

None. As long as you work for the NHS and supply an NHS email address when signing up for free, you can begin earning cash back each time you spend. Whether it’s on your weekly shop or a bit of high street shopping for the latest fashion, there’s plenty of choices when looking to save with the cashback card.

We’ve even been featured on Money Saving Expert as ‘best pre-paid card’.

Where can I use my NHS cashback card?

You can use your cashback card at a range of different retailers, ranging from supermarkets such as ASDA and Sainsbury’s to popular high street stores including Nike, Clarks, John Lewis, Primark and many more.

Maybe you’re looking to get cashback on your favourite restaurants and takeaways, there are earnings to be made with these and more, including your everyday essentials and those occasional treats.

RetailerCashback Amount
Asda2.5% Cashback
Sainsbury's3% Cashback
M&S 5% Cashback
Primark4% Cashback
Clarks5% Cashback
Wilkos5% Cashback
Boots5% Cashback

Check out the full list of cashback card retailers and see where you can start earning cashback.
Top up your health service discounts cashback card account and start spending. It’s exactly the same as using a debit card but you get cashback meaning your earning money back when spending.

How does cashback work?

Wondering how it works? It’s incredibly simple. Visit any of the participating stores which offer cashback and start spending. You’ll get a percentage of your spend back in the form of cash straight back onto your card. Used alongside your typical day to day spends, you can accumulate and save a nice sum and get a little extra back. Spend it straight away or let it build up and treat yourself to something special.

Is there a minimum spend required to receive my cashback? No. There’s no minimum spend, you just need to make sure you have sufficient funds on your card before spending.

Can I use my card to withdraw cash? No. Your card cannot be used for cash withdrawals at ATMs, tills or to purchase foreign currency.

Can I use my card abroad? Yes. You can use it wherever the visa Acceptance Mark is displayed.

Discover more about how you can get cashback by checking out our FAQs and get your very own cashback card by signing up for free or by clicking the banner below.

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