Get your kids’ back to school stuff for less with NHS Discounts

Shopping for all the school stuff is high up there among parents’ most dreaded tasks. From ensuring that you get all the school stuff your child needs on time to getting them a brand new school uniform that doesn’t break the bank, it is hardly surprising that parents start back to school shopping earlier and earlier each year.

To give you a helping hand and to make the school stuff shopping less damaging to your bank balance, we’ve put together all our best NHS discounts to make those back to school supplies more affordable!

Back to School Stuff Shopping Guide

Kids School Uniform 

School uniforms are one of the biggest parts of back to school shopping list and are often the most expensive purchases. From pleated school skirts to new PE kits, it can seem endless. But thanks to Asda school uniform discounts and Matalan school uniform bargains, you can get your kids everything they need for less.

Matalan School Uniform Discounts
Asda School Uniform Discounts

Technology School Stuff

Save money when buying the latest technology for your kids when heading back to school. From Apple discounts for students available on iPads and Macs to Currys student discounts for laptops and tablets, our technology discounts have got you covered.

Apple Discounts for Students
Currys Student Discounts

Kids School Shoes

Not looking forward to taking the kids’ school shoes shopping? Make it easier and more affordable by shopping online with our kids school shoes discounts. From Clarks kids school shoes to the selection of M&S kids school shoes available, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Clarks Kid School Shoes
M&S Kids School Shoes

Back to School Stationery

From pens to calculators and folders, you can never have too much stationery. Get all your school supplies for less with our back to school stationery discounts. Click below to check out our NHS discounts for Ryman and Paperchase.

Student Discount Ryman
Paperchase Discounts

With the cost of living crisis making everything more expensive, covering the cost of the back to school shopping list could be a concern to many parents this summer. But by using this guide to back to school stuff discounts to save money, you can focus on having fun over the summer holidays.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do the kids go back to school?

The new school year starts on Thursday 1st September 2022. Each school could have slightly different return to school dates. Therefore, you should check your specific school via the website.

What age do kids start school?

Generally, children start full-time school in September after their fourth birthday. Your child should turn 5 during their first year at school. 

How should I prepare for when the kids start school? 

Your kids starting school can be challenging for both you and your children, so it is important that you prepare as soon as possible. Start by getting them into a routine and try to socialise them with other children their age.

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