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Maintaining a healthy balance between our personal and professional life can be a struggle. More often than not, we can get overwhelmed with responsibilities, that we become mentally exhausted. After a long day at work, many of us forget to hoover or make time for ourselves. So how can we combat this? Technology!

Did you know that Apps and Subscriptions are a great way to help keep you on track, organised and maintain a healthy work-life balance? There are hundreds of thousands of apps currently available to help you manage errands, improve productivity, or simply hello you get a better night’s sleep. We have collected some of the best and listed them for you!

Sleep Cycle

(App Store, Android, Huawei)

A good night’s sleep can be the difference between a good day and a bad day. We know that a regular and consistent sleep routine can positively affect your health and well-being, but forming a new habit can be challenging for many of us. That is why apps such as Sleep Cycle are great!

Sleep Cycle is known as an intelligent alarm clock that can help you track your sleep patterns. The app learns about your sleep behaviour the more you use it. So what does this mean? Using a Sleep Cycle every night allows the app to study your sleep patterns and sleep quality. It detects sounds and uses intelligent data to wake you up during your lightest sleep cycle, making you feel less tired and more awake.


(App Store)

Our work hours can often bleed into our personal life due to poor time management, which in return, can cause us to feel burnt out and stressed. That is why apps like Focus are great!

Focus is a great app to help you manage your time, as it structures your day into 25-minute segments. Allowing for tasks and regular breaks. You can also use the app to help track tasks, form housework, and much more.


(App Store, Google Play)

Unless you are Mrs Hinch, the majority of us find house chores boring and annoying. We’d rather be eating chocolate while watching Netflix, but it has to be done. Sometimes, housework can be a little overwhelming, and you don’t know where to start. Do you clean the oven or the bathroom first? Or perhaps you could hoover the living room? It’s a never-ending cycle. So, why not get some help where you can? 

Sweepy is a cleaning schedule App you can download onto your phone that helps you keep your home clean and organised. After downloading the app, you can create numerous schedules based on different rooms within your house. Or, you can create lists based on various tasks (such as hoovering, mopping, and dusting). The app will remind you when you last completed a task, such as dusting, and it will also let you know it’s time to crack out the duster and get to work.


(App Store, Google Play)

Keeping track of your money can often feel like a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. Monzo is a great way to track your day-to-day purchases and budget your monthly spending.

You can download the Monzo app onto your phone, which allows you to track expenses, set up standing orders, and so much more. You can even set up budgeting and saving features to make your money go further.

Microsoft To Do 

(App Store, Google Play, Windows)

Are you looking to upgrade your to-do lists? While we try to keep track with sticky notes, having multiple tasks and deadlines on the go can be overwhelming, so why not use Microsoft To-Do.

Microsoft To-Do is available on your phone, tablet and laptop so you can access your lists whenever you need them. With Microsoft To-Do, your lists are super easy to manage, and you can track important notes, documents, and voice records! Simple!


(Chrome, Windows, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Legacy, Opera)

Now that our homes have become our office (or the sofa – we aren’t judging), remembering our passwords has become that much harder. From our emails to personal profiles, we have so many passwords to remember, and for many of us, it can be a struggle.

We all click that dreaded “forgotten password” button more often than we care to admit, so why not cut out the stress of remembering passwords and let LastPass keep you on track? LastPass stores all of your passwords securely in one easy to access location – cutting out the remembering game and allowing you to log in with ease. Don’t worry! Your information is securely stored in an encrypted vault – which essentially means your information is in a very secure location.



While it might not help with your timekeeping or organisation, having your meals planned for the week caan be a great stress reliever. Especially when you have limited time (and effort) to cook a meal. That is why subscriptions to HelloFresh are perfect

With HelloFresh, you are provided with pre-portioned ingredients for incredible meals that can be made within 20-30 minutes. That way, you can focus on the good stuff and don’t have to worry. Remember, you can get £15 off your first 4 recipe boxes when using our discount at HelloFresh.

So, that is our list of the best Apps & Subscriptions to keep you organised. Will you be downloading these apps, or do you have a system in place to keep on track? We’d love to know!

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