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Apple Event 2023: iPhone, Apple Watches, AirPods and more!

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The Apple Event took place Tuesday, the 12th, and there are lots of juicy new products for us to look at, including the iPhone, Apple Watches, and so much more.

The star of the show, of course, was the iPhone 15, but we also got a glimpse of all the new Apple products hitting the shelves. Take a look at our guide, which breaks down everything you need to know!


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iPhone 15  

The iPhone was easily the star of the show (as it usually is), and we got a first look at both the 15 series and the Pro series. Starting with the iPhone 15, we got new features, including improvements to the screen quality, camera quality, and much more. 

iPhone 15 Features 

  • Twice as bright as the iPhone 14 
  • Colour embedded into the glass 
  • 2 Sizes: 6.1in & 6.7in 
  • Ceramic Shield 
  • Dynamic Island 
  • A16 Bionic chip for powerful performance  

New Camera System 

  • 48MP Main camera 
  • 2x Telephoto 
  • Continuous zoom 
  • Next-gen portraits 

New Colours 

  • Pink 
  • Yellow 
  • Green 
  • Blue 
  • Black 

iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max 

Up next is the iPhone’s big sister, the Pros. The Pros are often larger and feature innovative technology that makes them unique. Here is everything you need to know about the iPhone Pro & Pro Max. 

iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max Features 

  • The first iPhone to feature an aerospace‑grade titanium design 
  • A17 Pro.  
  • 2 Sizes: 6.1in & 6.7in Plus 
  • Lightest Pro models ever 
  • Customisable action button. 
  • Emergency SOS via satellite14 and Crash Detection 

Camera Upgrades 

  • 120mm of pure Pro zoom.  
  • 5x optical zoom 
  • the longest optical zoom of any iPhone ever 
  • Record 3d spatial videos 

iOS 17 

Alongside all the new products that came out of the Event, Apple also announced some impressive upgrades to the iOS system. A large part of the iOS update was customisation. Apple is leaning heavily into customisation, from how your home screen looks to how your “receiving a call” interface looks. So, if you like to customise your phone, this is the perfect update for you.  

IOS 17 Features  

  • StandBy Mode 
  • Contact Posters 
  • Live Voicemail 
  • Personal Voice 
  • Offline Apple Maps 
  • Share Passwords with friends, family, and colleagues 
  • Automatically delete iPhone 2FA code 
  • Screen Distance for Eye Health 

AirPod Pro 2

The AirPod Pro 2 series is getting a massive upgrade – USB-C charging. Apple has brought USB-C charging ports to both the new iPhone 15 series and their AirPod Pro’s. So, what does this mean? USB-C is considered a better way of charging your devices. It’s quicker and more powerful. For existing AirPod Pro 2 owners, you can purchase a new case separately. If you purchase new AirPods, you will receive a new case automatically.

Apple Watch Series 9

Up next is the Apple Watches. Alongside announcing some cool new features to the latest Watch Series, Apple also announced new steps to improve their environmental impact. The new Apple Watch Series 9 is the first carbon-neutral product, which is extremely eco-friendly. Plus, they also no longer use leather in any future Apple Product.

Apple Watch Series 9 Features 

  • New S9 chip, 30% faster, 4-core neural engine 
  • Siri requests are now done on the device 
  • Better dictation 
  • Access health data via Siri 
  • NameDrop on Apple Watch 
  • 2000 nits screen super bright screen 

Apple Watch Ultra 2 

Last but by no means least, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 took centre stage. The Ultra is considered Apple’s most rugged and capable watch, and now it has incredible performance updates, including a new double tap gesture.  

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Features  

  • Double Tap Gesture  
  • Brighter Display: The display is 3,000 nits 
  • New modular watch face 
  • Precision Finding 
  • 36 hours battery typical use 
  • 72-hour low power mode. 

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