Let’s Celebrate The NHS 74th Birthday

If there is one thing that we are really proud of in the UK, it is our NHS. Since launching in 1948, the NHS has come on leaps and bounds in providing excellent care and treatment for people across the country and remains an institution that we all rely on every day. Here is everything you need to know about the history of the NHS.

Here at Health Service Discounts, we are passionate about the NHS and ensuring that its dedicated and hardworking staff receive the recognition and appreciation they deserve. 

This year we are celebrating the NHS’ 74th birthday, making it the perfect time to see how far the service has come and look back at the poignant milestones that the service has achieved over its history. 

NHS History

Formed on the 5th of July 1948, the NHS became the world’s first free healthcare service based solely on citizenship. Since then, the NHS has significantly grown into the incredible service we know and love today. With over 1.7 million staff members, the NHS is one of the largest employers in the UK, and it is the fifth-largest employer in the world.

How We’re Celebrating The NHS’s Birthday

To say happy birthday and thank you for your consistent hard work and dedication, our excellent partners have provided some exclusive deals and discounts. Since you give at work, you should win at life!

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