The Park VR - 15% NHS discount

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The Park VR - 15% NHS discount


  • 5% off all VR experiences at The Park
  • Valid for both Leeds and Birmingham venues
  • Perfect for groups, families or work days out!
  • Welcome to The Park VR, where you can immerse yourself in thrilling adventures and hyper-real action alongside your friends and family within a unique free-roam environment. Our cutting-edge technology eliminates the need for heavy backpacks and cumbersome cables. Choose from a captivating array of worlds to explore. Experience the adrenaline rush of hunting zombies in 'The Hallow,' embark on a puzzle-solving adventure in ancient Egypt with 'The Mask of The Pharaoh,' or confront your deepest fears in the spine-tingling 'Don't Scream.' With The Park VR, you're not just escaping the everyday; you're venturing into the extraordinary.
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