Movie Club. We invite NHS staff to the best cinematic experience

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Your first movie rental on us, followed by a £1.99 monthly subscription

Movie Club. We invite NHS staff to the best cinematic experience


  • First movie rental on us
  • Followed by a £1.99 monthly subscription
  • Save 45%, the voucher code is worth £3.50 and usable for a movie rental in SD
  • Billing and Cancellation Policy
    Billing Cycle
    The membership fee for the Film Club service will be charged to your Payment Method on the first day of each month. This will run continuously until you either cancel or we are unable to collect payment within 30 days of the due collection date. For example, your associated payment method has passed its expiry date. See updating your payment methods (section 3). Payment Methods.To use the Film Club service, you must provide a valid payment method. You remain responsible for any uncollected amounts. If a payment is not successfully settled, due to expiration, insufficient funds, or otherwise, and you do not cancel your account, we may suspend your access to the service until we have successfully charged a valid Payment Method. For some Payment Methods, the issuer may charge you certain fees, such as foreign transaction fees or other fees relating to the processing of your Payment Method. Local tax charges may vary depending on the Payment Method used. Check with your Payment Method service provider for details. Updating your Payment Methods.You can update your Payment Methods by going to the "My Account" page. We may also update your Payment Methods using information provided by the payment service providers. Following any update, you authorise us to continue to charge the applicable Payment Method(s). Cancellation.You can cancel your Film Club membership at any time, and you will still receive your Rakuten code for the month you cancel in. The code will expire on the day shown on the email in the usual manner and cannot be used after that date. Payments are non-refundable and we do not provide refunds or credits for any partial - month membership periods or unwatched Film Club content. To cancel, go to the "My Account" page and follow the instructions for cancellation. If you cancel your membership, your account will automatically close at the end of the month you notify us of your wish to cancel. To see when your account will close, click "Billing details" on the "My Account" page. Changes to the Price and Subscription Plans. We may change our subscription plans and the price of our service from time to time; however, any price changes or changes to your subscription plans will apply to subsequent billing cycles following notice of the change(s) to you.

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