Travel Essentials You Need To Pack

Travelling this year? There’s nothing quite like that sinking feeling that you’ve forgotten to pack something when you’re halfway to the airport or worse, already up in the air, only to realise there was nothing to worry about and that once missing item is packed safely away. But just to make sure you’re prepared, no matter where you’re travelling too it’s always good to ensure a few essentials are included.

Check out our travel essentials list below:


Suncream is the ultimate essential so do you really need reminding to pack it? That’s why we’ve opted for it’s often overlooked accomplice aftersun. Not only does it help aid and cool skin if you’ve spent a little too long on the beach or around the pool, it helps to keep the skin moisturised and prevent it from tightening and there’s nothing worse than tight skin that’s a little burnt when trying to get changed. Why not take a trip to Boots before you pack to grab those final essentials, including your aftersun.

Wet Wipes

When it’s warm, there isn’t always an easy cooldown option. If only there was a pool on hand every time you needed to cool down. Wet wipes not only make for a handy and refreshing cooldown, they’re an essential that you didn’t know you needed until you pack them. Whether it’s to get revitalized or to wake you up after a long trip or day of travelling, they’re extremely handy to have.

Waist Bag

Handy for storage and never out of sight, a waist bag is the perfect travel accessory that doesn’t get in the way. Store wallets, passports, maps and more as you explore the best your trip has to offer and because of its size, it’s easy to store away in your case. Even wear it to the airport to make sure you have everything you need in one place! Check out this and more travel accessories at Go Outdoors.

First Aid Kit

It doesn’t have to be anything over the top, we’re not talking a medical bag packed with the latest in care, more like the basic essentials. The likes of paracetamol, plasters, antihistamines are always handy to keep close by, and easy to store away without ruining your packing. To be prepared is always important, even for the littles of scratches.

Travel Detergent

We know the last thing you want to be doing when travelling is washing. But travel detergent is pocket sized and great to have close by when traveling, especially if you decide to extend your stay or your holidaywear gets a little dirty. If there’s no clothes washing facilities on hand, the sink and some travel detergent are just as good, meaning your outfits can always stay clean.

Tea Bags

They might not be as useful as some of the other essentials on this list but we all know you can’t beat an English cup of tea. It’s your piece of home from home that you can take with you.Carry them on in hand luggage or pack them safely away in your suitcase and brew up when you’re settled in your room.

What’s your essential travel item that you just have to pack? Let us know below and we’ll remember to pack it on our next trip!

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