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Protect Yourself from the Energy Price Rise this October

Protect yourself from the energy price rise this October. The time to switch your energy provider is now.

The wholesale prices that energy companies pay are on the rise; this means that your domestic prices will go up during your next billing period.

You will also see exclusive energy deals end this October due to price hikes.

That’s why our Head of Partnerships, Luke Ince, has created a special NHS Energy Switch deal for our members. He tells us:

“Every year thousands of NHS staff do not switch energy supplier. They end up paying way over the odds on standard variable tariffs. Switching is simple and you can confirm your switch in just a few minutes. By moving to one of our exclusive tariffs you could save up to £537*. The current deals are fixed which means you will avoid any price hikes like the ones coming in October.”

Understanding the price cap

Another fluctuation in energy prices that you need to be aware of is the price cap on standard tariffs. Ofgem will be introducing the price cap on standard tariffs by the end of December.

While this means that consumers will be getting a fair deal it is not necessarily the best deal. You could still be paying over the odds. Standard tariffs are typically the most expensive.

The message is don’t rest on your laurels, the sooner you switch energy providers the more chance you have of getting the cheapest deal on the market; even when the price cap comes into play.

Switching is easy

If you’ve never switched energy providers before, it couldn’t be easier. Simply find an old bill that shows your projected or actual usage. Click on the deal and follow through the instructions to enter your postcode and current supplier.

Once you’ve inputted details about your current supplier, run the comparison and choose the right deal for you. Then simply switch and start saving!


Once you’ve switched you don’t need to tell your existing supplier. Just take meter readings on the date you switch and keep a safe record of them.

The big six energy providers will be putting up their prices for a second time this year very soon. This rise should hit most consumers on their next bills. There’s still time for you to switch, get yourself the cheapest deal on the market before the tariffs and the weather changes!

Compare your energy in some simple steps and check how much you could be saving with NHS Energy Switch. 

*Our switching partner compares all publicly available energy tariffs under the OFGEM Confidence Code. 10% of customers switching their gas and electricity bills through services provided by our switching partner between 1st Feb 2016 and 16th Nov 2017 saved £537 or more. Survey of over 100,000 switches.


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