Managing Anxiety Under Pressure

In times like these it’s important to remain calm amongst the pressure of what is happening around us, and help support one another, especially those dedicating their time to helping others.

Anxiety and stress can build up and not knowing where to turn or how situations will play out is a daunting prospect, but you’re not alone. Every in some way shape or form is feeling at least a little anxious about the current state of affairs, which once again shows we’re all in this together.

There are still many unanswered questions floating around and it’s important to try not to focus too much on these and instead focus on what you can do as an individual, not only to help ease any anxiety that may be developing, but to help the overall effort.

Here’s some advice on how to manage anxiety when facing adversity

Limit Where You Receive Updates

The internet can be a scary, least of all for fake news and exaggerated panic being shared around social media. When looking for relevant and key updates, stick to reliable sources such as the News and not a retweet on Twitter or a Facebook post with someone’s opinion. Directed facts from trusted sources will give you a clear understanding of events. Social media can be great for in the moment updates, however it’s also its own bubble which at times, can be full of scaremongering stories and invalid facts, all which can contribute to building anxiety and stress. Keep it simple and receive your updates from trusted sources.

Focus On What You Can Control

When the world is feeling the same, it can be hard to not be concerned with what will happen. But the best thing you can do is to focus on yourself and those close to you. The small steps you take now can have a massive change on the outcome. You may think they are small and insignificant given the scale, but in fact it’s the opposite. By playing your part and focusing on what you can control and help both in the short term and the long term.

But what can I control?

You can control the way you receive news, through trusted sources, channels and ignoring/blocking those who spread false information.

Your own mental state – Whether you’re self isolating, committing to social distancing or working hard on the front line for those in need, your mental health is important. Read more about Mental Health in the NHS advice to help ease mental health pressure.

Stay connected

It might be more difficult to meet and spend time with the people you enjoy most, but that doesn’t mean that contact has to be completely cut off. if meeting up in person is appropriate, there are a number of ways you can stay connected, whether it be over messaging apps, video calls, even online games. Spending time with others is important so look for the best ways you can do so, it can help aid anxiety by having somebody to talk to and your mental health by keeping or your social life.

If you are concerned in any way regarding COVID-19, then please consult for more information on what you can do to play your part, as well as advice on any potential symptoms that you may be experiencing.

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