Make The Most Of Your Garden This Lockdown

During lockdown, you might be struggling to keep yourself occupied nevermind the family as well. With the weather brightening up, we want to share with you our ideas on how you can make the most of your garden.

Grow some Vegetables, Fruit & Herbs

Now is the best time to grow your own vegetables, fruits and herbs! We need to be taking extra care of our immune system right now and growing your own can help fuel your body. Nothing tastes better than homegrown vegetables however, it doesn’t happen overnight! Springtime is great for growing carrots, beetroot, cabbage, leeks, lettuce, onions, spinach, parsnips, radish and turnips.

Herbs are a much quicker option to grow and they only take up a small space. You can grow them in almost anything as long as you can put some drainage holes in the bottom. A cheap and easy alternative to a plant pot is plastic cups. Chives, rosemary, mint, parsley, coriander, thyme and dill can take as little as a week to grow.

Brighten Up Your Garden With Art

Is your garden looking dull? Why not do some pebble painting! Get the kids involved as well and let them use their imagination. You can get your hands on lots of arts and crafts items in supermarkets or online. If you can’t get your hands on the paint you can also use chalk.

Backyard Bowling Alley

Who doesn’t love bowling? A classic game bound to get the whole family involved! All you’ll need is 10 empty bottles and a ball of your choosing. You just need to set the bottles up into a pyramid and make an alley using chalk, tape, anything you can get your hands on!

Outdoor Chalkboard

If your garden has a lot of patio space then chalk is your new best friend (as long as you hose it off shortly after)! Create your very own outdoor chalkboard where your kids are free to draw to their heart’s content. You could even use this to practice handwriting and maths equations.

Outdoor Den

Everyone loves a den so why not let your kids use their imagination and create an outdoor den!. If you don’t want to ruin your clean bedding and pillows, grad some old ones to use. Also, if you love camping when why don’t you bring camping to your garden! Set up your tent in the back garden and pretend you are on a family camping trip!

Outdoor Exercise Class

While to weather is nice, why not take your exercise outdoors! You can use your garden to do your daily exercise. You can do activities such as skipping, burpees, sit-ups and even weights. If you don’t have any equipment to do weights that’s fine! You can use things from around your home such as tins, bottles or heavy ornaments.

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