Make The Most Of The Outside

With lockdown restrictions easing, things are slowly returning back to normal, and at a perfect time as the weather improves, meaning you can get out the house and take advantage of some amazing places to visit which not only keep to social distancing guidelines, but will mean you can get back those days out you’ve craved for so long.

Where to go on a day out?

Pack up and head out for the day at numerous locations throughout the UK and take in some of the most treasured sights thanks to the National Trust. You can spend your time visiting tranquil gardens, vast parks and stately homes bursting with history, all with the confidence of following safety guidelines.
You can become a member of the National Trust and save with your Health Service Discount and get a free gift card when becoming a member, giving you access to a plethora of days out for all the family.

NHS staff can save up to 20% on memberships with English Heritage and get access to hundreds of historic attractions and places, packed with history and even home to unique events. Why not explore what’s on your doorstep for the day and see what historic secrets your home town could hold?

Looking for some socially distanced adventures that are also cost effective?

Keep it simple and head down to your local park. Whether it be for a walk, an afternoon out or a picnic, there’s plenty you can do. Likewise in the height of Summer, the beach can be a perfect place to get away too and spend time at, just remember to follow guidelines as it’s likely you won’t be the only one with the idea of a beach day!

Getting out of the house and making the most of the outside is important, especially after the last few months where it may have felt a little enclosed. Not only is it good to go out and get some fresh air, but it’s great for your mental health too, reverting back to the time before lockdown can help if you’re in a bit of a rut.
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