Health Service Discounts Give a Helping Hand to a Healthcare Hero

We saw the recent news story in The Sun newspaper this week about an NHS worker who was hit with a large fine for overstaying in a car park after helping a man who had collapsed, and we decided that we wanted to help.

Margaret Kidson, who works at a health centre in south east London, received a £100 car parking fine for running over by 11 minutes, as a result of helping a man who had collapsed from an epileptic fit in the street. Margaret spent 20 minutes providing assistance to the gentleman before further support arrived.

We were sorry to hear that Margaret had been left out of pocket as a result of going beyond the call of duty, especially as we understand the hard work that health care professionals put in every day to look after our nation.

At Health Service Discounts, we pride ourselves on helping NHS and healthcare staff save money using our discounts, so to hear a story like this obviously grabbed our attention and we wanted to do something to show our appreciation for Margaret’s amazing efforts.

For us, good deeds should be rewarded. So, we decided to contact Margaret and offer her £100 worth of vouchers from M&S, one of our Cashback Card partners. We hope this will go a little way to encouraging more people to give back to their community and inspire more people to be a bit more Margaret.

Margaret was delighted to receive her vouchers, saying:

“I was totally appalled by the fact that tending to someone in an emergency did not qualify for exceptional circumstances for overstaying the parking time. It made me feel like not bothering to help anyone again but with the kindness given to me by Health Service Discounts it has restored my faith in humanity and I realise there are more kind people in the world than unkind.”

We’re just glad we could help.

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