Getting Your First Job in the NHS: Tips to Help You Succeed

The NHS; it’s the nation’s proudest achievement, something that we need to protect as much as possible. One way to do that is to find the right people to work within this incredible structure, which is why there are so many different routes into working in the NHS.

Below, we’ve put together some hints on how to get that first, all-important job with the NHS, with tips to help you succeed. Enjoy!


Laboratory Student

If you want to become a doctor, nurse, or any other medical practitioner, you will need the right qualifications to do so. This means going to college and university and gaining a degree, which will then enable you to take the next steps, whatever they may be.

However, what’s wonderful about the NHS (amongst many other things) is that it is the world’s fifth largest employer, caring for over 64 million people, so as you can imagine, although medical jobs are important and need to be filled, there are plenty of other things that you can do in the NHS if you don’t have the desire or the skills to become a doctor, surgeon, nurse, or physiotherapist (to name just a few jobs).


Decide on a path

Almost half of the jobs available in the NHS are non-medical, and although training will be required on most of them, what’s more important is your life skills.

If you’ve got the right set of skills, the world – and more importantly, the NHS – is your oyster. The first step is to work out what you want to do, and what matches your skills. If you’re good at organising people, then a managerial or office based role might suit you. If you prefer getting your hands dirty, then a construction role might be best for you.


Stand out from the crowd

Many people like the idea of working for the NHS. It’s a rewarding place to have a career, and that career can be one that lasts for a lifetime. Not only that, but it’s possible to get special discounts on insurances, utilities, travel, even general shopping. You can sign up to our discount service for free, and collect rewards instantly.

There are many perks, and many rewards, not least of which is you’ll be working somewhere that really makes a difference. It’s essential that you stand out from the crowd if you want to beat the others clamouring for the same role. To do this, you will need to demonstrate your passion, and how committed you are to not only the job itself, but to helping others in general. Experience in volunteering can help you here, but if not then use your covering letter to make a good case for yourself.


Work experience

NHS career

Work experience is always a good idea for anyone hoping to find their first job in the NHS. Not only is it a practical way to gain the skills needed, but you’ll also be able to get a true feeling for what the work will be like.

You can then explain how much you enjoyed your work experience opportunity, and use what you learned to explain why you would be the best person for the job.


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